Reign of Anomie

Confused world, complex challenges,

contracting earth, climate changes;

conflicting cultures coalesce.

Booms, bangs, shrills, shrapnels

flood the air; blood clots in the street.

Shredded homes float for sheltered

peace: victims of greed that weathered

the world in her wallows. Who dares

pull back lust or freedom marchers?

Who cares for the mammoth flotsam–

dregs of a fractured world that ripples

under quakes and storms to an unknown?

What a pursuit of freedom that leaves

the world in rubbles–her future forlorn!

When restraint relents, lust screams.

Wilting, yet nations hail wealth,

not weather; consumption or ruination?

Impel moderation or hug implosion.

Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi

(Feb 24, 2018)

By savingwordtracts

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