Just A Thought

I groped and stumbled through the years and woke up early morning groggy, hurting. I peeked out the window, saw the sky bright, the sun smiling. I brightened and borrowed a smile and, for once, lit up my face. My eyes winked like a star in a dark sky; kept smiling through the day. It tasted nice, radiating light and love. You can’t rewrite the past, I thought, nor erase the furrows on the once smooth face. Overwrite it with the future that has a hope, and meet your desire. You’ll soon retire and count among the past. I recalled that God created me in His image and likeness. So, I borrow from Him. He doesn’t recall our past nor rewrite it; but overwrites it with love–blessing and a future. So will I! So do I! Life’s frilled with frown, day and night trail the sun in his course. The sun ever shines, though clouds may dip with a frown! Ever smiles, though thunder may roll and grumble! Eyes on golden rays at dusk, though storm may howl and splash the sky with dust! Two constants rule life on earth: light and love. God’s both…‚Äč and you, too!

Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi

By savingwordtracts