Out Of Bounds

Hold back your thoughts  

        while I hold mine. 

Keep your gaze off me; 

        I’ve tears to shed,

        you have yours.

If you pry into this veiled heart, 

        you find yours: 

piles of aching hurts 

 beneath the smiles. 
© 2015 Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi)

By savingwordtracts

Price For Prize

Price For Prize

(1Pet 4:12-13)

The winepress turns slowly,
Steadily grits with grisly pain, 
Crushing juice out of dainty grape;
Red wine gurgles softly.

A tuneful solo often flows from sorrow,
Simple faith that shreds the shackles of trials,
Percolating the divine essence in humans,
The spice of morbid morality.

Kindling must crackle so we wink a nap in winter.
The deeper fibers of nature lie coarse
Until beaten to yarn a Persian rug—
An artifact fit for the Palace.

Trials trace on a life-size canvass
The real portrait of a latent personality—
A prize worth the meager price.

© 2015
Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi
By savingwordtracts