The Sea Duck

Should I wait for the Lord in hope,
Or wilt in a sulk, withering?
Should I splash my face with gloom,
Or smile back at blue winking stars?
Should I doubt my Father’s faithfulness
Or say, He wavered from His word?


If I can’t trust Him for what He is,
But sink in my swinging mood;
If doubts veil my faith’s eye; it fails,
I can’t see beyond the nose;
Then His promise will sweep as wind,
Rasping through my ear canal.


Like a duck, I ride on sea’s surface 
To the duple rhythm of ebb and flow. 
Through the crest and trough, I’m urged by 
The tender nudge of an invisible hand–  
A wind, whispering as by One who knows 
The end, saying, I’ll take you there.


I’ll take you there, you lovely particle,
A flake in the wind; a leaf being pruned
In the Branch, sifted by the storm.
Trust a soft landing on a quilted bed,
For a rest, waiting the next stirring–
A swirl to a future and a hope.


Life without faith’s an empty gong,
Sounding doubts and fears, echoing
Ceaseless groans that grate the heart
With anxious tension I easily
Could drown in the day’s frantic toil,
When in Christ, I’m a sea duck.

© 2015


Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi.
By savingwordtracts