A Testimony

A Testimony

Up to Calvary Jesus went;
died and rose again for me.
Now that he lives forever,
I’m sure to live hereafter.
Thus, the day he smiled at me,
I thrilled, realizing I’m his.

So, when the killer cancer
barged in to cancel my life,
on his face, a victor’s sneer,
I looked past his threatening,
and saw Jesus’ face beaming;
I knew that death was lying.

I braced up by faith and stared
flush on his murderous face.
Cowered by the doomful glare,
he jiggled, fizzled, and fled.
I reeled with hearty laughter
at Satan’s shameful slaughter.

In Christ lies the victory;
He’s the answer to cancer.

© 2014
By Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi

By savingwordtracts

On A Death Row

On A Death Row

I’m standing on a death row,
Hunted by the evil foe,
Who in the dark for blood prowls,
An angry fox for the fowls.

In the deep wilds, he rages,
His prank, over the ages.
But behind the angry flare,
a craven heart at my blare.

So I stand firm in my Lord,
My hand fastened on the sword.
Braced behind the shield of faith,
I resist the hollow wraith.

Let the earth jiggle and quake;
The ocean swell, surge, and shake.
With feet planted in the Rock,
My faith, none will ever mock.

I’m standing on a life row,
because Jesus makes me know:
He alone forever lives,
And my life, He alone gives.

(1 Peter 5:8)

© 2013

The Heart

Just a little tenderness,
just a little love;
the heart brims with humanness,
gentle as a dove.

just a wish in every heart,
that seems out of reach
’cause we rarely play our part,
the heart yet to bleach.

how awesome the world would be:
heaven right on earth,
where like salmon in the sea,
we swim in life’s mirth.

© 2014
By Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi

By savingwordtracts