Song Of Harvest


Not by power, or might,
Not by brain in gear,
But the Spirit of the Lord.

Wield the sword of faith and
Storm the devil’s den.
Break the chains and free the captives.

Dance the victory song;
Swing the sickle and glean,
Bring the sheaves to the barn.

By savingwordtracts

My Prayer Vase


O Lord, open my eyes to see
What you saved me to be;
And my ears to hear
What to you is dear.
Open my heart to know
The path you will I follow,
Thus for noble height to aspire
What for me is your great desire.
Strengthen my feeble feet to stand
On what I see, hear, and understand.
Stay my peace until for you I become
‘Till you’ve cleansed me of every scum.
In my faint thought, word, and step,
Fill me with your grace and pep
Until you preen with glee,
For the fruit of your work in me.
My humble plea! In Jesus’ name!


(Eph. 2:10)


© 2013
By Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi


By savingwordtracts



My Father, whose name is integrity;
Has been the same from all eternity,
A worthy name for my posterity.

My heart craves nothing but integrity,
Which comes from God and lasts eternity,
And should be mine in its entirety

This simple desire will ever be mine;
Will surely leave behind rich future mine
For children unborn a good wealth to mine.

Children’s future isn’t the huge pile of wealth
They inherit from their father’s ceaseless sweat,
But integrity nurtured to great wealth.

When children follow their father’s good steps
And carefully mark the print of his steps,
They will not stray or stumble or misstep.

As I show my children the way of God,
And they grow and learn to live for the Lord
Their thoughts and steps will be guided by God.

Integrity with God’s a rich reserve,
The legacy a father should preserve,
And make his posterity God’s preserve.


(Pro 22:6)

© 2014
By Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi

By savingwordtracts