The crimson fluid drops,

Pumped from his wounded heart.

From His side, palms, and feet,

The blood crawls on the cross,

And clears the scars of sin;

And frees the heart from guilt.


On the cross, his arms open wide,

Inviting me for a warm hug.

But the face is marred, badly bruised;

His body sweats blood and water.

His hands ache, hanging from the wood;

And the wood firm, stuck to the earth.


His form is gone. Scarring!

Scared by the pain; the peace

On a face gripped by love.

Though love is harsh on him,

But saves me from the death.

Strange to love; or be loved!


Shame and pain he bears for the world

As he’s nailed for sin on the cross.

God, the father’s pleased with his death,

For by it, his true love will blaze;

And the world might find in Jesus,

A friend that gave his all for all.


(John 15:13)

Copyright © 2014


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By savingwordtracts

Amazing Grace

Salvation! A great gift
God gave the world!
His heart poured on all.
In place of hate, His love;
In place of death, life.

Crimson blood from the cross,
Washed the stain of sin;
Destroyed the power of death.
From Christ we all receive
The right to live His life.

Salvation! What rich grace,
Rebuffed by the thought
That life’s brain and brawn.
Life wastes in a cycle of sin
While grace beckons. Free!

Salvation! Grace to live!
Yet we daily wilt in fear of
Death that died on the cross.
Daily we miss the joy of
Life that flows from grace.

Salvation! What grace!
What grace that Jesus died!
What grace that Jesus rose again!
What grace that I believe!
Amazing grace: I am free!

(Eph 2:8)

© 2013

The Debt

The sinner’s debt has Jesus paid,
And saved the world from Satan’s raid.
“Death, death,” rang from hell;
And thus did sin’s death knell.

In anger, He left the throne;
Stormed the earth with victory tone.
He dealt with sin once for all;
And stilled the rumble and the gall.

In pain, he cleared the debt
That God’s just anger be met.
For the Father’s sake, and mine,
He let heaven’s light shine.

Weighed down by sin and the cross,
He plodded up Calvary, to the devil’s loss.
There the holy died for the sinner,
And made sin’s victim the winner.

His action, the world can’t grasp,
Blinded by sin in tight clasp.
So it reacted with angry scorn;
And dared not his death mourn.

The world still wears its shame;
Denies the power of Jesus’ name.
So the devil romps with glee, strutting;
While the world cowers, hurting.


© 2014
By Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi