Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Today, we rejoice in His grace
So overwhelming; our brace
In all challenges. For He, who
Has called you, is strong
To keep you from the wrong
Of the enemy. As time rolls by,
And tomorrow seems cloudy,
Let not your heart be rowdy
With cares and needless fears.
For God is faithful, will never
Let you stumble, nor the river
Cover you as you stay in Him.
Happy Birthday, my brother;
The Lord keep you from bother
Filled with His grace and peace.

© 2014
Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi
(24 March, 2014)


My Lover

My lover is approaching!
Here he comes,
Leaping over the mountains,
Bounding over the hills!
His face is gleaming,
Burnished as diamond,
With ecstasy bubbling
From His heart.
His lips are clapping;
Gurgling echoes of virgin
Love, purer than gold,
Flow from the forge.
His eyes are blue.
He bounces with a bouquet
Of lilies—white racemes—
Nipped in the morning.
My Spring comes,
Fresh from winter, renewed
By nectar of the morning.
I’m lost in my lover.

(Song 2:8)

© 2014
By Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi
(20 March, 2014)

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